The Church of St Peter and St Paul, in Aston Rowant, will be holding a number of Sunday services in March:

1st March10.00 Family service with pancakes
8th March10.00 Holy communion with music by a visiting German choir
15th March10.00 Service of the word
22nd March10.00 Mothering Sunday service
29th March10.00 United Parish Service

Other events in the church during the month:

2nd March12.30 Hunger lunch
4th March19.30 Public meeting – Neighbourhood Plan

8th May: VE Day

75 years since victory in Europe celebrated; bell ringers will ring in all churches including Aston Rowant.

10th May: A special service of celebration also remembering the suffering of war and the continued fighting in Japan at that time.

St Peter and St Paul’s Church Aston Rowant is part of the United Parish of Chinnor and more details of events can be found on the website

The Parish Church Bells

The tower contains a ‘peal’ of six bells, which are rung from the ground floor. The tenor (heaviest) bell weighs a little under 13 cwt (657 kg) and is tuned to F#. It was cast (as were the 2nd and 3rd) in 1625. The oldest bell is the 4th (cast around 1450) and the newest is the treble (lightest) bell, weighing less than 5 cwt (246 kg), cast at the Whitechapel foundry in 1975. The bells were augmented from a very challenging five, retuned and rehung in a new frame and dedicated in 1978.

They are rung before Sunday services (usually 9.25 – 9.55am) and for practice (usually 7.30 – 9pm on Tuesdays). They are also rung for weddings and to mark other local, national and even international events.

‘Full circle’ change ringing, where the bells swing through 360 degrees, is an English tradition which began around 400 years ago. It combines light aerobic exercise, rhythm, mental stimulation and teamwork. We are always delighted to welcome new recruits – both for tower and hand bell ringing – so if you are aged between 10 and 70, please come along one Tuesday and see how it’s done. It would be a good skill for family members to learn together and tuition is free!

Aston Rowant Church bells. (c) Mark Lord