Parish Council Services

Aston Rowant has a Parish Council of seven members and a Parish Clerk.

The Council meets in Kingston Blount Village Hall on the second Wednesday of every month except June and July where the meetings are held in Aston Rowant Church.

There is no meeting in August

All meetings start at 7:30 pm, except where indicated on the published agenda.

There is a Parish Annual Assembly every year in April where the Parish Council and local organisations report to the community and the parishioners can raise issues and discuss them in open forum.

Parish Council notice

The monthly Parish Council meetings are open to the public, generally informal, and include an ‘open forum’ when members of the public can, and usually do, bring matters of interest to the attention of the council. The District councillor generally attends, and the county councillor and the local PCSO sometimes attend.

Agendas for the meetings are posted on the parish notice boards and this website at least three days before the meetings.

The responsibilities of the council are varied and include:

  • Looking after the parish council properties, e.g. grass cutting, insurance, etc. The properties are the Village Hall, playing fields and the children’s play area. There are management committee’s for each of these which and look after each facility for the Parish Council.
  • Liaising with the county council on highway safety and repair.
  • Liaising with the county council on public transport matters affecting the parish.
  • Liaising with the county council on the state of footpaths and other rights of way, which is dealt with by our Footpath And Amenities Group sub-committee, made up of councillors and interested parishioners.
  • Maintaining this website for the benefit of village organisations such as the Village Hall, Play area, allotments and Parish Notes
  • The parish council is consulted on all planning applications within the parish, and on major planning applications in neighbouring parishes. The parish council is also consulted on tree orders within the conservation area
  • Making grants to village organisations from council funds.
  • Liaising with the police on matters of concern within the parish
  • Litter picking and provision and maintenance of dog bins.
  • Monitoring drainage and ditches throughout the parish and actioning as and when necessary.
  • Making environmental improvements as and when thought appropriate.
  • Providing an excellent Walks booklet for use in the parish.
  • Supporting financially as necessary our Parish Notes publication.

The council income comes mainly from the district council and the current Aston Rowant precept is £23,625 p.a. as of 2019/2020. The council also receives income from sales of our Walks booklet, interest on our cash balances, grants and fund raising.

The Parish Councillors and Clerk are listed in the Parish Notes and on this website, as are minutes from meetings, etc.


An allotment site comprising some 28 plots (most of which are subdivided) is located in Kingston Blount, with access both from Brook Street and Pleck Lane.

Currently there are more than 40 plot-holders.

The allotments are are administered by three managers elected annually. The rents are very reasonable and water is available on site.

Please contact Rupert Wolstenholme, Secretary, () or telephone 07866 302697 if you would like to apply for a plot, or to obtain further information.