Waste collection

Changes to waste collection

SODC’s waste collection service disruption plan is now in place as a result of Coronavirus.

Waste contractor, Biffa, has suffered some staff shortages due to illness and self-isolation but is managing this by redeploying staff and using agency drivers.

However, with new crew members unfamiliar with the routes and in some cases fewer staff, it’s likely that on occasions, crews might not be able to complete all of their daily rounds and so some bins might not be emptied on their usual collection day.

  • The advice for residents is as follows: if the bins in your street are not emptied, please leave them out for up to three days (including weekends) and Biffa will try to catch up. If still not emptied, bring them back in and they will be emptied on the next planned collection day.
  • SODC is working with Biffa to prioritise critical waste services. To help with this plan SODC has suspended some non-essential services, including new bulky waste bookings, new garden waste subscriptions and investigating abandoned vehicles.
  • SODC is urging residents to sort their waste carefully – food in food waste bins, rubbish in black bins and clean, dry, loose recycling in their green recycling bins.

SODC will prioritise food, rubbish and clinical waste collections and some elements of street cleansing, including emptying litter bins.

It’s also possible that SODC may have to suspend garden waste services so it can focus on essential waste collections, as other councils have. If this is the case, SODC will let residents know through our social media sites and council websites.