Neighbourhood Planning

With the election out of the way and the draft local plan still in limbo, it’s time, at last, to move forward with the Aston Rowant Neighbourhood Plan.  The draft version has been on the Parish Council website for some time, so I hope you are all familiar with it and fully supportive.  As it stands, the draft local plan makes no housing land demands of small villages like ours, so the draft NP reflects and supports this stance.  We now need to know that local opinion concurs with this view.

Before the NP is submitted to SODC for formal processing, there has to be a Pre-submission Consultation, lasting at least six weeks.  By the time you read the Parish Notes (mid-February), all households in the parish should have received an unmissable yellow flyer setting out where and how to access the draft NP, how to comment on it and when to attend local meetings.  At its meeting on 14 January the NP Steering Group set itself a timetable, to be confirmed in the flyer, of clearing the decks by the end of January, delivering the leaflet at the start of February and starting the formal consultation period on 10 February.  This should run to 27 March, allowing for public meetings in the village hall (18 February) and the parish church (4 March).

With any consultation, it is all too easy for people with concerns or objections to outnumber the majority of people for whom support and silence go hand-in-hand.  It is also disheartening for the members of the Steering Group, who have spent four years flogging their way through this minefield, to hear only negative responses, so please take the trouble to look at their work and to comment on it, for good or ill.

The planning process in South Oxfordshire is still in a precarious position, especially as regards housing.  Without a Neighbourhood Plan this parish might well become vulnerable to unwanted development pressure.  With a Neighbourhood Plan, though not immune to such pressure, we are better able to influence if and how external, developer-led demands are addressed.  It is therefore important that the parish presents a united front to SODC through its support for the Neighbourhood Plan.

If anyone has any questions they would like to ask, please email us on and we will do our best to answer them.

Mark Thackeray
Chairman – Aston Rowant Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group
January 2020

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