Scam alert

Coronavirus – scam alert

Sadly there are those who will attempt to take advantage of the vulnerability of some – all in the name of helping them through Coronavirus.

There is but one message: Be alert for scams.

Never respond to any organisation asking you to move funds to a ‘safe place’ – no bank or police officer will ever ask you to do that.

If offered help with the inducement of a cash payment, be very cautious. All forms of official help can be found on the government website at (Look for the padlock symbol and the text ‘https’ in the web address). Don’t follow a link – go to yourself.

If you are unsure about the veracity of a website, offer of help or a request, SEEK third party advice. If you receive an email or communication out of the blue offering money, bin it. If you get a caller at the door, close it. And if you receive an unsolicited call, put the phone down.

To prove the point, look at the image below that was forwarded to ARPC from district councillor Ian White. It’s a text that leads to a lookalike fake government website.

Please stay alert.




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