Scam alert

Neighbourhood Watch launches ‘PROTECT YOUR Pa$$W0rD’

According to Neighbourhood Watch, over one third (34%) of people say that they’re more concerned about cybercrime than physical crime and a startling 1 in 5 people are a victim of cybercrime. In other words, you could be more at risk than you might think.

If strengthening your passwords is something you keep putting off, or you feel overwhelmed by the sea of online security information, you’re not alone.

As part of the Neighbourhood Watch Cyberhood Watch initiative, launched in 2019 in partnership with Avast, it has launched a PROTECT YOUR Pa$$W0Rd campaign that targets both the overwhelmed and complacent, providing everyone with three easy steps to be more secure online.

In summary, Neighbourhood Watch recommends individuals:

  1. Create a separate password for their email account;
  2. Use three random words; and
  3. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA)

To find out more about each step visit the Password Protection page on the Neighbourhood Watch website .