Royal Mail

Problems with Royal Mail

Following widely reported problems with the post in the parish, the chairman of the parish council, Peter Tinson, visited Thame Sorting Office to explore ways where the parish could provide assistance to Royal Mail to clear the backlog.

Unfortunately regulations regarding the delivery of mail mean that Royal Mail cannot engage voluntary help, nor can sorting take place outside of Royal Mail premises. The current restrictions mean that they are unable to take on short term (paid) workers either.

The good news is that there will be two deliveries today (15 June) to Kingston Blount – one for mail and a second for parcels. Royal Mail hopes to clear the backlog soon. However, please bear in mind that the whole system is experiencing similar problems so it is possible that mail may be stuck elsewhere in the system.

The sorting office has been encouraged to provide regular updates to the council which will be shared. Whilst that won’t obviously speed up delivery, it will give parishioners a better understanding of when deliveries will be made.