Parish Council

Sewage leak on Coffin Path in Aston Rowant

The parish council is aware of, and has been trying to deal with for a few weeks now, a manhole cover on the Coffin Path in Aston Rowant that is progressively leaking greater volumes of sewage. The manhole cover in question is around 20m from the church end of the path.

Thames Water, after a visit before Christmas, has denied responsibility for the leak as has the owner of the green, James Williams. The parish council is trying to engage with Oxfordshire County Council’s environmental health department; that is proving difficult as coronavirus has meant that staff are working from home and are not contactable other than by voicemail.

In the meantime, Thames Water has agreed to visit for a second time, but until responsibility for the leak can be established can villagers please walk *around* the leak and avoid the first 50m of the path. It is a health hazard.