Broadband and telecoms

FTTP – update

The parish is doing well in capturing expressions of interest for FTTP.

It took Airband a year to get just 26 expressions. With Openreach there are now 102 – 53 in Aston Rowant, 40 in Kingston Blount and 9 in Crowell. There are also 33 businesses being run from homes.

However, it’s important to get more as it’ll help the cause in the eyes of Openreach. Further, OCC has a pot which the parish might be able to tap into to get top-up funding to make the project more viable.

So, if you have any hint of interest, register it with .  There are around 380 homes in the parish, and around a quarter have registered so far.

Please tell all you know in the parish.


  • This is only an expression of interest.
  • There is no commitment or obligation at this point.
  • There should be no need to change internet provider.
  • You may think that you have fibre now, but you only have fibre to the cabinet… it’s copper from the cabinet to the house…
  • FTTP isn’t perfect, but it will offer much faster speeds – upto 1GB… around 20 times faster – and greater reliability.
  • Copper is going from the network (around 2025) and will be replaced for new installs and repairs with aluminium which isn’t as good as copper.
  • The pot of funding from OCC won’t last forever and it may harm our cause if it’s not available to the parish.

This is an opportunity, so let’s grab it.