Rough sleepers

The parish, did a few years ago, have a rough sleeper. This makes the advice on the subject from SODC quite pertinent.

In essence, if a rough sleeper is found, SODC asks for calls, during office hours, to be made to the housing needs team on 01235 422 452. This is a direct line to a housing needs officer. If the person is in immediate danger, call an ambulance or the police on 999.  Don’t put yourself in danger or approach someone acting strangely, even to help.

Outside office hours, please report to the non-profit homelessness organisation Streetlink which is funded by the government.  You can report someone rough sleeping via its website or by calling 0300 5000 914.  Streetlink is the national scheme for reporting rough sleeping and connects rough sleepers to local support services.  Please be aware that these reports will be dealt with next working day.

If necessary, the out of hours housing needs officer can be called on 01235 422 420.